Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sponsorship in ACA?

The subject of Sponsorship in ACA/ ACOA has long been debated. Many feel Sponsorship would quickly lead to a repetition of the pattern of codependency- with the Sponsor at risk of taking on other's problems while ignoring their own. The propensity of adult children of alcoholics to quickly fall into this trap is one reason some believe Sponsorship can be a potential obstacle to personal recovery.

I think I understand and empathize with this opinion. On the other hand, I see Sponsorship in other 12 Step programs, such as Al-Anon, paying lots of benefits. Having an experienced, caring "coach" who has successfully traveled the path to recovery can be an immeasurable help. And I think not having Sponsorship in ACA sometimes reinforces our tendency to isolate, remain distant and attempt to "go it alone".

The ACA World Service Organization has just recently sent out Group Conscious Survey Ballots on this issue to every registered ACA Meeting. As part of the Annual Business Conference to be held this coming April, items with 2/3 positive support will be addressed and considered.

Proposed ideas include; Increasing and encouraging the Sponsorship concept within the ACA/ACOA community, creating a Sponsorship Workshop and creation of a Sponsorship pamphlet.

Each meeting can vote on these issues and send their ballot to the ACA WSO. Your literature person or secretary should be receiving copies of the Survey for review and voting.

I like the concept of ACA Sponsorship. When implemented carefully it could pay big dividends to both The Sponsor and The Sponsee.

However you feel, your input to the group conscience on this matter is valued and needed. Ask your groups service volunteers if and when a vote will be taken at your meeting.

Check out the Orange County ACA website at: Orange County Adult Children