Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Overcoming Codependence

Overcoming Codependence:

Dysfunctional Families and the Shame Cycle:

Healthy Boundaries:

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Adult Children of Alcoholics:

What Is A Dysfunctional Family? part 3

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Women, Abuse and Trauma Therapy

John Bradshaw has been recognized as "A dominant figure in the field of addiction and recovery." Listen to a recent interview here: Reclaiming Virtue audio recording


Tanya T. Warrington said...

Your videos are well done and your content very helpful for those of us who are healing from living with alcoholics and a shame-based upbringing. I like how direct and simple your explanations are.

By the way your third video cut off before it seemed finished.

I'm glad you've set up a blog to help others!

C said...

Thank you. These particular videos were reposted from Youtube and I can claim no connection to them other than I like their message.