Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson- ACA

Raised by an abusive father who demanded perfection, Michael Jackson grew up to become one the world's most popular dysfunctional people. His story and tragic death, allegedly brought on by drug abuse, illustrates how untreated personal issues can grow from hidden pain to eventually become an "unmanageable" life and a shortened life span.

Michael's pathology became visible when he began engaging in bizarre behaviors, including multiple cosmetic surgeries and short lived "marriages". Things continued to snowball with strange on camera antics, accusations of child molestation and finally, reported drug abuse.

It is not known if MJ ever sought help for his troubles. He was, as many rich and famous are, surrounded by sycophants and those who's very livelihood depends on not challenging the status quo. If Michael's family tried to intervene, they were not successful. Judging by the end result, MJ didn't find a workable answer.

Perhaps he had isolated himself so deeply in a cocoon of denial, drugs and an entourage of protectors, he never had to face reality. If Michael wasn't able to take the first step and come out of his self imposed isolation, ACA recovery was an impossibility.

The lesson here is that no matter who you are, how much money or fame you have, the first step to getting badly needed help is still "coming out of isolation".

Rest in peace, Michael.

Check out the Orange County ACA website at: Orange County Adult Children


sparky said...


I am going to have to look that one up but I think I get the idea for now.

In my recovery I was searching old youtube videos help jar some feeling from my childhood. The old song MJ did called Ben and the movie Ben had come out when I was abouit 10 yeras old.

Anyway although MJ did appear abit odd to me at times his music and life effected mine alot.

I also liked the Jackson family cartoons whenI was young...probably one of the first cartoons that involved Afro around a large inner city area I had been glad to see cartoons become diverse including people I was actually living around.

I can't remember if the Jackson Family came out before Fat Albert I don't know but I thought they were more cool that than alot of the others.

Yes...another Hollywood tragety to hopefully add to education of others in hope he did not die in vain..sort of thing...not to sound cold...surely he was an ACA.

They knw so much more about genetics and learned behavior,pschology etc...even though some a grown up dot hey really have a alcoholism they are now saying it is 60% genetic, 40% learned behavior.

I also found an article talking abouta PTSD gene related to childhood abuse etc...I suspect may be the same 60/40.

The victim become the appear to me the odds are actually more than 50/50. Do they really have a choice...our overall dysfunctional and "SHAMING" society had a lot to learn.

Progree not perfection

sparky said...

I am going to have to learn to use the spell check one day. LOL