Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Emotional Communication Intelligence

Adult children of alcoholics often have difficulty realizing and expressing their emotions. The following test was designed as a measuring stick for progress in this area.


-Test Your Emotional Communication Intelligence-

Answer “usually,” “occasionally” or “rarely” to the following questions:

I ____________ sustain eye contact when speaking.

I ____________ am comfortable with pauses when others are experiencing emotion.

I ____________ sense when someone feels troubled before being told.

I ____________ am comfortable with my feelings of sadness, joy, anger and fear.

I ____________ pay attention to my emotions when making decisions.

I ____________ have no problem expression my emotions to others.

I ____________ can reduce my stress to a comfortable level.

I ____________ enjoy laughing, playing or kidding around.

I ____________ don’t feel threatened by disagreements.

Answering “usually” to most of these questions indicates that you have a good start with emotional intelligence in your relationships.

-Codependent Traits-

Here are 5 indicators of codependency. You can rate from 1 to 10 how each of these affect you.


Five core symptoms of Codependence:

Low self-esteem

Difficulty setting boundaries

Difficulty recognizing their own feelings

Difficulty to making decisions

Being unable to express emotions, thoughts and behavior appropriately

Your answers to the above may indicate areas you want to improve or simply serve as signposts for how far you've come. Thanks for listening!

Check out the Orange County ACA website at: Orange County Adult Children


Nak said...

I found your site through search for local ACA meetings in Google and I think it is filled with some good info. Put a link up on my new 'aca meeting' site - Thanks !


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comment and for the blog roll addition!

sparky said...

What a great topic for me. Identifying, labeling and expressing my feelings has become so important for me. Studying about PTSD and unresolved and un-expressed grief-feelings is helping me alot.

I just learned about this about two years ago; fight-flight or freeze. I have alot of frozen emotions. E-motion-energy in motion or is supposed to be in motion not frozen!