Monday, October 18, 2010

About The Inner Child

Interesting history and definitions of the "Inner Child" as a healing concept.

"The Twelve-step program recovery movement considers healing the inner child to be one of the essential stages in recovery from addiction, abuse, trauma, or post-traumatic stress disorder."

More here: Inner Child Enterprises: About the Inner Child

Check out the Orange County ACA website at: Orange County Adult Children


John said...

Many of the names your poster quoted actually learned about the Inner Child from a book called SELF-Parenting.

sparky said...

If I am not mistaken Tony A. the founder of Adult Children of Alcoholics mentions that he got the Inner Child Idea from the Hawian Kahauna Religion.

He said he/they believed there is a conditional love, if Big Tony did not love Little Tony then he could not feel the love from the Big Kahauna. (please don't quote me)

Tony's presentation is in the speaker section of the Adult Childrens(ACA WSO) website.

I found lots of great info there but sadly can't send anyone there without mentioning my experience. I sense lots of drama with the ACA WSO moderators etc...

I see in thier monthly ACA WSO minutes from last month that they banned another person that had been posting there for over three years-is now also banned from the ACA WSO website. Along with a past ACA WSO chair also banned form that website, so sad.

Having been banned myself I can imagine how this other persons Inner Child must feel... I feel 12 step recovery can be very dangerous at times when out of balance.

Is my resentment showing? My Inner Child is ticked. Using my voice speaking out really helps alot.

sparky said...


As for history and pre-dating I found that the book Self Parenting that was mentioned was published-

Self-parenting by John K. Pollard, 1987

He also seems to have a parenting website.

I was blown away when I found the 1963 book.

Perhaps also the same langauge just different terms... I am not a big Bible reader but suppose when Jesus said,"You have to be as a child to enter the kingdom of heaven..." he may have been referring to the Inner Child?

sparky said...

Here is HTTP: to Tony A.'s Presentation that can be copied and pasted for any interested.

Donna M Torbico said...

Thanks for the info. I heard Tony A. speak at an ACoA share-a-day in NYC many yrs ago. It was great.
I just put up several posts on this: 2 on ego stares (explaining the source of the P, A, & C) 2 on the Wounded Inner Child & 3 on "Loving Parent, Healthy Adult".