Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How Dysfunctional Is Our Country?


"The fact is we have some 15 million people in this country being treated for alcoholism at any given time. We have some 5 million being treated for drug addiction. We have by most accounts probably double those numbers of people that are addicts that are not seeking treatment yet for various reasons.

Do the math! That is some 50 million people that are in trouble! Either as a victim or as the addict and more if you count the children. The fact is, by all accounts we have 1/3 of our society that is affected by alcohol and drugs. That is a lot of people when you take all the victims and add that to the drinkers and druggies. Now for the big question, 'HOW MANY ARE IN POSITIONS OF POWER?'"

An interesting question that for me helps to explain how things get so messed up. Imagine millions and millions of dysfunctionals (many of whom are non-recovering) at all levels of government and society, from dog catchers to governors to CEOs. This scenario seems to be a likely cause of the systemic problems our country and the world is experiencing. Advanced technology may continue to speed things up so problems happen faster and faster and get compounded.

If this is true I hope sanity eventually prevails but it feels like it's gonna take some work!

Check out the Orange County ACA website at: Orange County Adult Children

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