Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Road Back To Me

Lisa Romano bravely documents her own experience as an Adult Child Of Alcoholics in her book, "The Road Back To Me".

Romano exposes her lonely childhood, feelings of abandonment, and her painful memories of being bullied. Obsession, compulsion, relationship addiction, food addiction, anxiety, constant fear and a crippling sense of low self-esteem eventually leads her to contemplated suicide. Her turning point arrives many years later, as she learns to heal the faulty programming of childhood. 

Lisa's Video on Codependency:

Her website is:

Check out the Orange County ACA website at: Orange County Adult Children


adult psychology said...

if we are using drugs we need to back to our normal seeing a psychiatrist or we will just go to a rehab place where we can overcome to what we've been through

Lisa Romano said...

Yes, seeing a therapist or a psychiatrist is beneficial. Overcoming any obstacle in life is possible. The power to heal is within us all. And I agree--truly understanding how the mind works, is extremely helpful when approaching a healing process.

Thank you for your comment, and I adore this blog....
Adult Children of Alcoholics...