Monday, July 2, 2007

Reduce Your Stress Instantly!

From "The Healing Power of Being Human Newsletter" by Ron Matthews

Here’s a way to reduce your stress level almost instantly and see your circumstances with a clearer perspective.

In your forehead, above the eyes and just below the hairline
there are points called Neuro-Vascular points. Simply holding
these points with your fingers will re-program your nervous
system to stop firing a crisis response to life’s ordinary daily

By doing this regularly you will be more able to think clearly
and cope effectively, even when life gets stressful!

Simply lay your fingers gently onto your forehead at the
Frontal Eminences – the bumps on your forehead that are
right above your eyes. It helps if you can lean forward and
rest your elbows on a table or desk while doing this.

Hold your fingers there, think about the source of
your stress, and breathe deeply and slowly for about
three – to – five minutes. That’s it!

Try it. You’ll begin to view the stresses in your life with a
fresh outlook and usually a more creative mind.

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