Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"Common Characteristics Of Healthy People"

You've heard "The Common Characteristics Of Adult Children". So what are of "The Common Characteristics Of Healthy People"?

Here's what one version of Recovery looks like:

1. I do not guess at what normal is. I know.

2. I follow projects through from beginning to end.

3. I tell the truth on subjects both important and trivial.

4. I do not judge myself or others.

5. I know how to have fun.

6. I do not take myself too seriously.

7. Having intimate relationships comes naturally to me.

8. I take changes over which I have no control in stride and accommodate them without added stress.

9. My need for constant approval and affirmation is a distant memory. I give approval and affirmation to myself and others.

10. I AM different from other people, in very special ways.

11. I live a life of balance, being responsible for my actions and letting others be responsible for theirs.

12. I am extremely loyal to those that deserve it.

13. I am not impulsive but I am spontaneous!

If you find that reading a particular one of these makes you uncomfortable or bothers you, you may want to focus on it and ask yourself why. Where are those feelings coming from? Challenge yourself to explore what's holding you back. Allowing yourself to experience the source of your discomfort may help you to be more aware of it and in time, overcome it.

Check out the Orange County ACA website at: Orange County Adult Children

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