Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Principles Behind The 12 Steps -Podcast

Here is an audio podcast of one word principles behind the 12 Steps. It is just 6 minutes long.

Click here: 12 Step Audio Podcast and a new window should open. Or paste this into your browser:

The podcast is narrated by Bill Urell, owner and editor of He has an MA in Addiction Counseling and is a CAAP (Certified Associate Addiction Professional) II.

12 Step Principles:

1. Honesty - The operative principle behind step 1 is honesty.

2. Hope - In order to engage in a course of recovery, we must have hope of success.

3. Faith - This stage of action is to begin to employ the recovery skills being learned.

4. Courage - This step is really about courage to honestly (see step 1) look at ourselves.

5. Integrity - If we have truly done a thorough job of introspection and evaluation of our assets and shortcomings do we have the integrity to own up to it?

6. Willingness - Now that we have accomplished an inventory of the good and no so good aspects of our character and behavior, are we willing to change them?

7. Humility - Here we move further into action, in step 6 we became willing to as let go of our old behaviors, now we ask for help in actually letting go. Can we learn to forgive ourselves?

8. Discipline and Action - We are continuing to remove the barriers that can block forward growth.

9. Forgiveness - Asking for the forgiveness of those we have intentionally or unintentionally injured is the order of the day.

10. Acceptance - To be human is to make mistakes. Hopefully our journey has led us to the point where we can readily admit mistakes and accept ourselves for being imperfect.

11. Knowledge and Awareness - Here we search and become aware of following our path being aware of our purpose in life and actively pursuing it.

12. Service and Gratitude - Having brought about a personality change sufficient to remain in recovery we seek out and are available to help others in need.

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Check out the Orange County ACA website at: Orange County Adult Children

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